In 2020, the racial, political, and health crises in America prompted Alley to look internally and re-assess ourselves. We asked what our role could be in fostering change for the better — in our company and in our industry as a whole. We recognized that we valued Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), but we needed to be more intentional about weaving it into every aspect of our organization. Our aim is to prioritize and ingrain DEI in all facets of our work.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital at Alley, and fundamental to our continued success. Diversity means valuing everyone’s unique perspectives founded in their many identities and experiences. Equity is creating a company that invites all voices to be a part of building our products and our culture. Inclusion is valuing the diversity of the individuals that make up our teams and the diversity of the world at large and ensuring people feel a sense of belonging at Alley. 

So where do we start? How do we nurture a culture that promotes DEI and encourage our clients and partners to do the same?

We started with a pledge. Click below to read our full DEI pledge and the steps we plan to take to help make Alley and our industry a better and more inclusive space for people of all backgrounds. Our pledge will be updated on a regular basis to show our progress on what we have committed to do.

Alley’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge

Questions on what we’ve done? Reach out via or @alleyco on Twitter! We’d love to help (and learn from) other organizations working on ingraining DEI into their cultures.

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