The Alley Interactive crew is never one to back down from doing a bit of trailblazing. With over thirty site builds and launches in four years, we’ll be leading one of General Assembly’s first classes on PHP on Saturday, March 29th at their New York City headquarters. 

Got seven hours and an interest in one of the most widely-used languages (Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia) on the Internet? If you’re an aspiring designer, a developer who wants to know how to build complex sites, or a product manager looking to benefit from a basic understanding of PHP, the class will cover what you’ll need to know. 

With over twelve years of development experience bringing open source platforms into big media enterprises, Managing Partner and Co-founder Austin Smith will cover: 

The Ins and Outs of PHP

He’ll cover what PHP is commonly used for and how it differs from other popular web development languages. Austin will also discuss how PHP interacts with web and database servers, and how to keep it secure. 

Hands-on WordPress Practice 

Students will install and configure WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems built on PHP. 

You can take this class even if you have little to no logic programming (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.) experience. The class is designed for beginner programmers and you’ll just need a laptop, a text editor and XAMPP and MAMP (Mac) installed. 

Class Details

Intro to PHP
GA New York City (East) 
902 Broadway, 4th Floor 
New York, NY 10010
10AM to 5PM

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