Alley is excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned! It’s been a privilege to work with the team at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

The Kauffman Foundation is a non profit organization whose mission is to “build and support programs that improve education, boost entrepreneurship, and help their hometown of Kansas city thrive.”  Alley was delighted to have the opportunity to help them further their mission by working with the team at Kauffman to fully migrate from Sitecore to a WordPress multisite installation.’s search page with results highlighting keywords

We were able to use the unique functionality available in Elasticsearch and our own plugin SearchPress to provide excerpts of matching text and term highlighting. Visitors can now search for content using relevant keywords and results will display with helpful information. That way visitors can find the content they are looking for quickly and confidently. 

Organizations like Kauffman that have extensive libraries of content often face complicated taxonomy and organizational challenges. We were able to help create hierarchies that facilitated their editorial process. We also standardized searchable metadata so audiences could more easily surface articles on their own. We used WordPress and Gutenberg’s functionality to build out features that allows the editorial team to highlight related content in an article. Now readers can find more relevant information while they’re on site.

Article page displaying a floating block that can be used to display, and link to further reading.

Along with a full migration of all their content and data, we worked together to redesign their site. The new design optimizes for performance and creates a clean user interface that delights their audience and visitors.

Screenshot of’s “Currents” page.

Developing in Gutenberg allowed us to deploy several custom blocks that shine in their redesign. Streamlining their content and articles to emphasize important information, highlight related resources, and improve their audience’s experience. We also built in several custom animations that bring their brand identity front and center to visitors. This helps create a consistent brand image across their entire platform. Alongside the Kauffman team we developed high-fidelity animations while optimizing site  performance and readability across browsers, devices, and screens. 

It’s always exciting to be able to use our experience in web design and development to help further the missions of organizations like the Kauffman Foundation. Check out their newly launched website at Let us know on Twitter if you have any questions about the redesign!

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