This is one of an ongoing series of short posts giving our team members the opportunity to share their feelings on remote work – a vital part of Alley’s culture.

What’s your favorite part about remote work?

Chasing my kids down to tickle them on “coffee breaks” upstairs.

What’s your biggest challenge? How have you worked through it?

🤔 It could be one of two things – a) not coming across as pretentious or entitled to those trapped in a traditional office environment, or perhaps b) overcoming office-bias that remote working is somehow less committed or less engaged than brick-and-mortar work. The way to solve both? Just deliver, delight, and surpass expectations 🙂

What do you wish you knew when you started working remotely?

There’s a bit of panic you experience the first time you are left to yourself with just a list of things to accomplish. It’s a much smaller version of becoming a parent the first time: “I can’t believe they trust me like this.”… “Let’s hope I live up to the challenge”… There’s a sense of freedom coupled with responsibility that can take a little bit to acclimate to. Only trouble is: it’s quite addictive. I suppose one thing I wish I knew before working remotely is how much I would fear going back.

Ben Bolton is our Director of Development Operations. Looking to join a great remote team? You can check out our latest job openings on our careers page!

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