This is one of an ongoing series of short posts giving our team members the opportunity to share their feelings on remote work – a vital part of Alley’s culture.

What’s your favorite part about remote work?

I can have an kick-ass job and live in a place that works for my family!

What’s your biggest challenge? How have you worked through it?

I don’t struggle with the challenges that usually come up in lists about working remotely, such as the temptation to watch Netflix all day or forgetting to get dressed. What I do struggle with is the disconnect between my physical life and my electronic life. For example, when there is a major weather event where you live, your coworkers aren’t undergoing that same ordeal with you. And likewise, the people in my physical space, they don’t always understand that I’m fully engaged in work and can’t be bothered even though I might appear as if I am free to help them.

What do you wish you knew when you started working remotely?

How quickly and deeply I made connections with my coworkers, even though I seldomly see them physically.

Pattie Reaves is a Senior User Experience Developer. Looking to join a great remote team? You can check out our latest job openings on our careers page!

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