This is one of an ongoing series of short posts giving our team members the opportunity to share their feelings on remote work – a vital part of Alley’s culture.

What’s your favorite part about remote work?

Getting to work from new locations and setting my own schedule. It feels like every day can be different if I want it to be.

What’s your biggest challenge? How have you worked through it?

Finding some consistency. I decided to work out of a co-working space and also set up a desk in my apartment as well. That way, I can have a dedicated area to get work done on a daily basis, but I can also hop on a train into the city or go to a coffee shop somewhere if I feel like I need to change up my routine.

What do you wish you knew when you started working remotely?

The importance of having a good work bag. You don’t want something too big, but you also want to carry some “just in case” items with you at all times. Things like a portable charger and any cables you might need to get connected in a pinch, or take a call at the last minute. You want a bag that can carry all of these things with you around the city, but won’t be too bulky or too heavy.

Val Cucu is our Communications Manager. Looking to join a great remote team? You can check out our latest job openings on our careers page!

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