Matt Johnson will give his talk, “The Power of the Dark Side: Lessons Learned from Doing Drupal and WordPress at the Same Time,” at BADCamp on Saturday, November 8th. Alley Interactive is also a sponsor of BADCamp this year. 

Matt will be providing insight into why the Drupal versus WordPress rivalry is silly. 

“Anyone who’s spent time in either community is aware of the occasional bickering and aspersions cast between the two camps. But in our experience, we discovered more in common than we imagined, and we’ve developed tools and strategies to bring good WordPress ideas to Drupal, and good Drupal ideas to WordPress.”

He hopes that audiences will take away: 

  • That both platforms have valid applications and concepts, but different ones
  • That both sides bring great ideas to each other, but different ones
  • Prospective clients, including top content and digital publishers, are not interested in partisanship. They want solutions. 

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