Matt Boynes, Director of Platform Services, WordPress, will be discussing “Turbocharging WP_Query” at WordCamp Los Angeles on Saturday, September 5th. He hopes to illustrate that WordPress is not limited by its chosen architecture and that it’s possible to complement WordPress’ underlying technologies to address a site’s specific weak points. 

Matt devised a WordPress plugin for a client to create abstract content regions on news sites. While the client now had the ability to create complex queries, site performance could potentially be impeded. The team wanted to keep site flexibility, so Matt reinvented a fundamental component of WordPress to solve the issue. 

“It’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever done with WordPress,” Boynes explains. “It has significant implications for any WordPress site using data in complex ways. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever replaced the underlying engine in WP_Query, but doing so has given us up to a thousand times the improvement in some queries.”

Matt’s presentation will walk through the whole process — from why he undertook the project to its future implications. 

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