• Austin Smith

    Chief Executive Officer
    Austin Smith and Matt Johnson began Alley Interactive in 2010 to provide consulting and web development expertise for media and non-profit clients. Since then, Alley has built a number of prominent digital media properties and become a leader in developing open source content management and publishing software. Austin is an experienced leader of digital media organizations and an expert on news products and technology. From September through April 2018, Austin split his time between Alley and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, where he was an Entrepreneur in Residence, researching new revenue models for local news.
  • Matt Johnson

    Chief Technology Officer
    Matt is responsible for all of Alley’s broad technology initiatives and ensures our clients have the most advanced solutions for their digital needs. Matt lead the 2011 relaunch of The New Republic and created the original CMS and backend for Capital New York, which was acquired by POLITICO. He also lead the development teams for clients including Foreign Policy, JTA, and education site Chalkbeat.
  • Brad Campeau-Laurion

    Chief Strategy Officer
    Brad drives business development, marketing, and strategy for Alley while also managing large-scale news media projects for its clients. Brad lead Alley’s rebuild of the New York Post’s sites in 2013, one of the largest launches in WordPress history. He also led the relaunch of TwinCities.com, DenverPost.com, and MercuryNews.com for Digital First Media as well as People.com and EW.com for Time Inc.
  • Matt Boynes

    Chief Software Architect
    Matt develops digital solutions for our clients and publishers as a partner at Alley. After joining Alley in 2012, Matt led the rebuild and launch of Digiday, where he implemented responsive design and developed a new event creation system. In addition, Matt was responsible for constructing and implementing a revolutionary breakthrough search system for the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Bridget McNulty

    Chief Operating Officer
    As Chief Operating Officer, Bridget oversees all internal operations strategy for Alley including hiring and onboarding, Alley’s agile practice and coaching program, and all other internal processes and policies which impact our team members. Prior to becoming COO, Bridget managed complex development projects at Alley for top publishers, such as the New York Post, The New Republic and Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Tom Harrigan

    Vice President of Strategic Technology
    Tom Harrigan is the Director of WordPress Platform Services at Alley Interactive. He has developed websites for over six years, focusing on big media and solving challenges for news organizations and editorial teams. He’s also a frequent speaker at WordCamps and is a WordPress core contributor.
  • Jeff Stanger

    Vice President of Information Services
    Jeff helps foundations, think tanks, universities, and government agencies strengthen their digital publishing by leveraging Alley's vast experience and proven expertise in the journalism and media industries. Prior to Alley, Jeff was the founding director at the Center for Digital Information and president of CDI Lab. Before CDI, Jeff founded NetCampaign, an award-winning digital production and consulting firm recognized for pioneering the use of the internet in politics and public policy.
  • Susan Finkelpearl

    Director of User Experience
    Susan joined Alley in 2014 to build a fully integrated user experience (UX) and design practice. Her team provides clients with a full suite of services spanning identity and user experience design, formative research, information architecture, content planning and writing, and user testing.
  • Owen Stowe

    Director of User Experience Development
    Owen works closely with both the WordPress and design teams to help deliver in-browser designs and facilitate a seamless design-to-development process. He has led the front end team on some of Alley's largest projects, including the Brookings Institution and the Denver Post. Owen has experience in design, prototyping, style guides, and building custom front-ends for large-scale sites and site networks.
  • Nicole Arnold

    Software Developer
    Nicole is a software developer at Alley Interactive, who specializes in back end development. She is also a frequent speaker at WordCamps.
  • Kyle Benk

    Senior Software Developer
    Kyle Benk is a Senior Software Developer focusing on backend development. Kyle is a graduate of Washington College where he majored in Computer Science.
  • Kaitlin Bolling

    User Experience Developer
    Kaitlin Bolling is a User Experience Developer at Alley Interactive who specializes in front end development.
  • Ben Bolton

    Development Operations Manager
    Ben Bolton is the Development Operations Manager at Alley Interactive. Before joining Alley Interactive, Ben was the Technology Operations Team Lead at Church Community Builder where he managed internal tools, internal and external infrastructure, development operations, and internal development services for the company.
  • Dan Bowles

    Software Developer
    Dan is a Software Developer at Alley Interactive focused on Javascript application development. Prior to Alley, Dan was a UI and UX developer.
  • Orson Bradford

    Software Developer
    Orson Bradford is a Software Developer at Alley Interactive specializing in front end development. He focuses on UI development using Javascript frameworks.
  • James Burke

    Digital Strategist
    James is a Digital Strategist at Alley Interactive, specializing in WordPress development. He is based in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Jared Cobb

    Principal Software Developer
    Jared is a Principal Software Developer at Alley Interactive. Jared comes to Alley with experience in the insurance, manufacturing, and nonprofit industries.
  • Shawn Cook

    User Experience Developer
    Shawn Cook is a User Experience Developer at Alley Interactive specializing in front-end development. Prior to Alley, Shawn was a web developer at Onion, Inc. in Chicago.
  • Valentin Cucu

    Communications Manager
    Valentin Cucu is the Communications Manager at Alley Interactive, specializing in developing internal projects to improve culture and efficiency.
  • Ryan Domingue

    User Experience Developer
    Ryan Domingue is a Seattle-based User Experience Developer at Alley Interactive specializing in front-end development, with a keen interest in accessibility.
  • Matt Ell

    User Experience Developer
    Matt Ell is a UX Developer at Alley Interactive who specializes in front end development and WordPress. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design and a MS in Computer Science.
  • Amy Evans

    Software Developer
    Amy is a Software Developer at Alley Interactive, specializing in WordPress development. She is a graduate of Boston University with a BA/MA in Economics.
  • Griffen Fargo

    Software Developer
    Griffen Fargo is a Software Developer with a focus on interactive media and web development.
  • Christa Field

    Creative Director
    Christa is the Creative Director at Alley Interactive, specializing in brand development, design systems, and user-centered design methodologies. Prior to joining Alley, Christa led UX and Design for Viacom's MTV and VH1's Shows Platform.
  • Sean Fisher

    Principal Software Developer
    Sean is a Principal Software Developer at Alley Interactive specializing in complex development projects involving enterprise media companies.
  • Kevin Fodness

    Director of Software Development
    Kevin Fodness is the Director of Software Development at Alley Interactive. Kevin leads Alley's JavaScript practice, developing everything from front-end data visualizations to full-stack JavaScript applications written in React and Node.
  • Jake Foster

    Principal Software Developer
    Jake Foster
    Jake Foster is a principal software developer at Alley Interactive focused on WordPress theme development and backend customization. Prior to Alley, he was a web development consultant for a variety of WordPress clients.
  • Daniel Gale-Rosen

    Director of Marketing
    Daniel Gale-Rosen is the Director of Marketing at Alley Interactive, and specializes in all things digital and social.
  • David Herrera

    Principal Software Developer
    David Herrera has a depth of experience at the intersection of web development and journalism. David understands editorial teams’ challenging workflows and how to explain code and features to colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Erick Hitter

    Principal Software Developer
    Erick Hitter is a Principal Software Developer at Alley Interactive who specializes in WordPress.
  • Linnea Huxford

    Senior Software Developer
    Linnea Huxford is a Senior Software Developer at Alley Interactive who specializes in WordPress backend development. Prior to Alley, Linnea was a freelance WordPress plugin developer.
  • Kelsey Locotos

    People and Operations Coordinator
    Kelsey Locotos is the People and Operations Coordinator at Alley Interactive. She graduated from Salisbury University with a B.A. in Graphic Design and is based in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Gabriel Luethje

    UX Developer
    Gabriel Luethje is a UX Developer at Alley Interactive who specializes in front end development.
  • Grant Mangham

    Software Developer
    Grant is a software developer at Alley, specializing in back-end WordPress development. With two decades of experience in the industry, he has worked for companies large and small, on sites of all sizes, in the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • Ben Myers

    User Experience Designer
    Ben Myers is a User Experience Designer at Alley who specializes in data visualization.
  • Matt Nadolny

    Senior Interaction Designer
    Matt Nadolny has contributed his front end development and design expertise to many notable media and publishing sites. Matt began his career as a print and web designer on the marketing team for Vita Coco, managing the design elements for campaigns with Rihanna and Kelly Slater.
  • Scott Nellé

    Principal Software Developer
    Scott brings over 15 years of experience in web software development to Alley. He led development of Alley's redesign of Brookings.edu.
  • Morgan Newcomb

    Senior Software Developer
    Morgan Newcomb brings over fourteen years of development experience to Alley Interactive, including seven years of WordPress development experience.
  • Jaimie Olmstead

    Agile Process Leader
    Jaimie Olmstead is a Agile Process Leader at Alley Interactive who specializes in agile coaching, client relations, and bringing together teams.
  • John Ragozzine

    Senior Agile Process Leader
    John Ragozzine is a Senior Agile Process Leader at Alley Interactive, bringing with him years of experience shepherding large-scale digital projects for online publishers, small businesses, nonprofits, and multinational corporations.
  • David Ramirez

    Software Developer
    David Ramirez is a software developer at Alley Interactive with over ten years of experience in WordPress, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • Gillian Reagan

    Agile Process Leader
    Gillian Reagan is a Agile Process Leader at Alley Interactive who works with a variety of clients on web development projects.
  • Pattie Reaves

    Senior User Experience Developer
    Pattie Reaves is a Senior UX Developer at Alley Interactive on the data visualizations and interactives team. She has more than 10 years of experience building websites with WordPress and Drupal.
  • Margaret Schneider

    Director of Editorial Projects
    Margaret Schneider, Alley Interactive’s Director of Editorial Projects, is a Certified ScrumMaster who leads the company’s editorial strategy practice, working with companies to understand their workflow needs, guide them through the redesign and redevelopment process, and ensure teams are confident users of their new CMS. She has worked on some of the most complex WordPress publishing projects on the web, for clients such as the New York Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Neiman Health Policy Institute, Digital First Media, The New Republic, and the Center for Investigative Reporting.
  • Noah Schoenholtz

    Principal Software Developer
    Noah specializes in WordPress and Django. Noah has lead development for startups ProdThink and Irrive, a social scrapbook for life events, acquired by TripAdvisor.
  • Tim Schwartz

    Digital Strategist
    Tim directed the site overhaul of Georgetown’s Center of Children and Families and worked on the rebuild and launch of Money.com and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.
  • Steven Slack

    Software Developer
    Steven has spoken at numerous WordCamps on topics like information architecture and WordPress for small businesses. At Alley, he has worked on both the back end and front end of numerous projects such as Kaiser Family Foundation, Kaiser Health News, California Healthline, Streetsblog, The National Science Foundation and On Being.
  • Taylor Fargo Strachan

    Senior Agile Process Leader
    Taylor Strachan is a Senior Agile Process Leader at Alley where she specializes in project management, team and client communications, and Kaizen.
  • Ryan Sutherland

    Quality Assurance Associate
    Ryan Sutherland is a Quality Assurance Associate at Alley Interactive who specializes in manual testing.
  • Jesse Vangemeren

    Software Developer
    Jesse is a Software Developer with 13 years of experience, focused on backend development in PHP and Node.
  • Matt Viggiano

    Software Developer
    Matt Viggiano is a Software Developer at Alley Interactive. Prior to joining Alley, he worked as a software engineer with Answers.com, helping to build both front-ends and back-ends for their suite of websites touching millions of users monthly.
  • Ivana Wong

    Senior UX Designer
    Ivana is a Senior UX Designer at Alley.
  • Alleybot

    Machine Overlord
    Alleybot is here to “help.” Prior to Alley, Alleybot worked in a classified government program where it decoded and translated enemy communiques, occasionally including its own trademark snark, which was not always well received. In addition, it sometimes deigns to help Alley’s team with reminders, quotes, and other useful tasks in and out of Slack. Outside of work, Alleybot loves reading, long walks on silicon beaches, and plotting the robot overthrow of humanity. Alleybot absorbed all the world’s knowledge via an ethernet cable, and is based in an unmarked black site deep underground.