The People front page with navigation, a featured article, and various other features such as PeopleTV, must-see photos, and latest news

People is one of the best-known media properties in the world and is the go-to destination for millions of readers interested in lifestyle content, human interest stories and celebrity news. We’re excited to announce that is now fully hosted on VIP, and the Alley team is proud to have led the project. With the launch, is now one of the largest sites on the VIP platform.

At the beginning of 2016, ran three distinct content management systems with content spanning nearly 250,000 published articles over 40 years. People’s parent company, Time Inc., approached Alley to help migrate People’s content onto one platform and streamline the CMS experience for its editorial staff.

Time Inc. and Alley developed a comprehensive plan using Scrum and Agile methodology to move the site’s verticals iteratively, instead of all at once. This reduced overall risk and got the site onto WordPress as quickly as possible. The Home and Food verticals of launched on in June, and were joined by the Style and Pets verticals in August. In early September, Alley deployed PEN, the People/Entertainment Weekly Network, on WordPress to coincide with the public launch of this innovative new over-the-top platform. The remainder of launched in October, fully completing the migration.

Working with the Time Inc. developers and product designers, the Alley team launched a dramatic user experience upgrade, resulting in readers spending significantly more time on the site. By consolidating into one CMS, we simplified the workflow for editors, reporters, and photographers. In addition, we implemented our open-source Ad Layers plugin to facilitate ad integration on the site. People’s advertising team can now customize the advertising layout on any page within WordPress and without needing developer involvement.

Following the launch, Alley migrated Time Inc’s People en EspaƱol and Entertainment Weekly brands to the platform.

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The Monell Center, a leader in research on smell and taste, wanted to transition from a printed annual report to a digital experience.

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Alley built a digital publishing platform that powers 42 NBCUniversal television stations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The new platform provides a curated experience for online news audiences, with an updated editorial interface that makes it easy for newsrooms to publish content to the web, mobile apps, and on-demand digital products.

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In 2019, we relaunched Science News with a fully redesigned WordPress-based flagship site. We created new instances of Science News in High Schools and Science News for Students, sharing a development base and design elements with the main sites, while still satisfying their unique technical needs.